My name is Jordan, but everyone know me as "Aquazus" or "Aqua" :) I'm an experienced Java Developer and I have a lot of knowledge in Minecraft Servers, I started Java seriously at the age of 12. I'm now 19 and actively working in the industry :)

The last Minecraft server I've coded was Rushland, a french Minecraft minigames server, it handled around 500 players in peak before it closed in early 2017.

This website is mostly dedicated to everything I do in the Minecraft/Spigot community, including plugins.


Brings lottery to the space with this lottery plugin!
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SlowChat (Old)
Slow and pause the chat to prevent spam!
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AdvancedSay (Old)
Customize your say command with colors, custom prefix and sound!
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0033 644 698 681


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